Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day 1

Well well well. I have decided at last to start a blog.

Blogs are wierd and strange things, why in the world would anybody wish to fill the internet up with a big load of inane waffle about who they are and what they do so that other idiots could pop along and waste their time reading it ? At least with a diary you dont expose the world to how much of a wierdo you really are, although you have to be famous and die before a diary becomes much use.

However, it seems to be what all the kids are doing these days. Its better to join the rush or some other crazy internet fad will pop up leaving me twice behind the times.

So here begins the document of the life of Sandy McCracken, its sure to be a mindnumbingly dull thome full of gramatical and spelling errors, laced with innacuraces and lies. ENJOY

1 comment:

CGMarshall said...

come on son, post some more stuff. lets see what you have done in maya!!