Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya may ama ya aaa ma yyaaa

last few weeks have been nothing but maya. Im doing a course down in London to learn this 3d package. Its great fun (well as fun as sitting in learning a programme could be) and my brain is filling up with 3d whizzimagigs. I have nearly expelled everything i didnt learn at Duncan of Jordanstone.
There is also a tremendously cool pub downstairs (its also tremendously expensive!) where all the staff and students have a jolly good time. Its ful of 'creatives' so its fun to go and be pretentios for a while! There was a little social thing on friday and im pleased to say that i was sharing a drink with Lara Lewington (the channel five weathergirl). Thus ends my brush with fame!!!

Heres some stills from the first week. Week two and three have all been theory based so ive only got films of pixaresque lamps jumping up boxes to show for that (cant work out how to upload them on these comps yet)


CGMarshall said...

Ahhhhh yes. nice one. i like it.
The apples looks good enough to eat. i want to eat one.. till it is eaten. and eat .... one..... apple.... eat.
Top dollar work sandy.

"Ohh ahh. Anyway got to go send some files."


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I really couldn't stand using Maya,but you've obviously got the hang of it ! Nice work ! I'll stick with Max though !